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Versuri Step off

I know your not my man That you belong to someone else (nah) Now come on in, an shut the door I make sure you enjoy yourself If you give me a try, before you deny I'm still in love wit you Or maybe obsessed wit you Aaaoooo We don't make love no more (umm hmm) We don't kiss and we hug like we used to (used to) But I'm still in love with you Wait Wait a minute Now if I drive by your house (house) And see some bitch in your bed, under the spreads Giving you.....head Then I'm gonna turn it out (hhaay) [Chorus] I'm the only one who keep you satisfied And though were not together I remember what you like So tell them chicks to step off cause I fill your appetite And I'm the only women who gon do it like you like (Hey uh) What part don't you get? (hey hey) Even though I'm not your girl anymore And you don't want me no more I deserve to know who you sleepin' wit (ooooh yyeeaah) Is she better then me? (me me) Do she cook, do she clean? Do she sew, do she sting? Can she do these things? Cause I... [Chorus] I still love ya baby Makes no difference to me And I still wantcha baby Want to be the one you need The one you call on (umm umm) Cause I'm the only one that makes you feel good (umm umm) Sing it to me [Chorus - repeat 2X]

Hip-hop album album album ultima melodie album versurile. Missy Elliott piesa piesa versuri muzica straina cuvinte ultima melodie cantece Step off versurile versuri.

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