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Versuri Lick Shots

1st verse: You don't want to speak my name Mes around and get that ass blown away BLAAAH! Full gon' away I neva like ya tail anyway Missy got somethin to say I ride down the block in an Escalade Bling, bling all in ya face I think you might need to put on ya shades RAH! I know you feel me though Ya hatin on me but you hear me though 20 rims sittin crazy low AHHHH! I'ma crazy hoe. I'ma keep the party live Me and Timbaland gon' flip it tonight Keep ya hands in the sky Wave 'em round like ya crazy high. 2nd verse: You don't know who I be Ya mammy neva told you not to fuck wit' me If I give ya head you'll neva leave RAH! Stop sweatin' me Flip it on the black hand side Look here boy don't you even try Make me dislocate ya spine Me rings put the shine like turkemtide What you comin' round here now fo' Baby hell no you just want my doe Get ya black as on the flo' Fool touch me that's a no, no RAH! Mr. DJ won't you play that song Tell them freaks shake they nasty thongs Hay boys won't you sing along 'Cause we gon' rock the party 'till the early morn.

Missy Elliott muzica cuvintele descarca piesa versuri versurile. Asculta album muzica straina album Hip-hop cuvintele cuvinte descarca Lick Shots versuri.

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