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We used to be so very happy and we used to have so much fun And we used to spend our time together, we were as close as anyone I used to feel your every feeling, I was a part of your every dream I'm not saying that you've thrown me aside, but oh that's just the way that it seems So if I've done anything that I shouldn't have done, Wanna say I'm sorry, darling, I'm so sorry And if I said anything that I shouldn't have said, I'm sorry, sorry, yeah Now we're just getting used to a brand new situation And I found out that temptation just won't let ya do good So we must sit down and talk and be for real to each other Cause I don't want my love for you to be misunderstood If I've done anything that I shouldn't have done,/p> I'm sorry, oh baby, I'm so sorry, if I said anything that I shouldn't have said (I'm sorry) I'm sorry, I'm sorry, oh Lordy I'm so sorry (Sorry) Sorry, sorry, hey----(sorry), if I've (if I've done anything) done anything I (that I shouldn't have done) shouldn't have done (I'm sorry) I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry, (If I said anything) If I, if I said anything I (That I shouldn't have said) shouldn't have said well I'm so (I'm sorry) sorry, sorry, sorry, (If I've done anything) I'm really, really sorry, baby, (that I shouldn't have done) Ooh baby, I'm (I'm sorry) sorry, sorry, sorry, I'm (If I said anything) sorry, I'm sorry (That I shouldn't have said) I'm so sorry, I'm sorry, sorry, really sorry I'm so sorry, Yeah, sorry, I'm so sorry, sorry

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