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Versuri Better Than Anything

From the album Ask A Woman Who Knows Music by David Wheat. Words by Bill Loughborough Better than cream cheese and bagels Better than honey on bread Better than champagne and pretzels Better than breakfast in bed Better than chili rellenos Better than chocolate e'clairs Better than hothouse tomatoes Better than fresh Bartlett pears Better than dining a la carte Or simply gastronomic art Better than anything except being in love Better than making a million Better than being a queen Better than oil wells and gold mines Better than pastures of green Better than finding a horseshoe Better than losing your head Better than anything ever thought of Better than anything ever said Ah, ha, better than singing right out loud Or being, ha, spotted in a crowd Better than (better than anything) anything except being (except being) in love (Musical Interlude) Better than elephants, elephants are dancing Better than clowns on parade Better than peanuts and popcorn Better than pink lemonade Better than rides on the midway Better than seals blowing horns Better than men shot through cannons Better than fresh ears of corn Ah, better than balancing on a wire Or watching tigers jump through fire Better than anything except being in love Better than driving 'round the park Or watching fireflies after the dark Better than anything except being in love Hey, Diana? Yeah? Are you sure that love is even better than shopping? Well, there's a little sale on late floor at Barneys but it's still better Oh, come on, come on What about that thirty percent sale at Jimmy's shoes And Sachs Friends and Family Day? Ha? Still better Well, maybe close second Very close second Better, more better Better, better, better

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