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I like you... I think that you're pretty good But I think that you think, that I... Well... that I'm a bit undercooked. I'm lazy, I play silly jokes & go over the top. & one of these days it's gonna get me killed, & that will be my lot! I suppose I'd leave you alone, after a while, but I'll lie in my bed, feeding my head, Until I become - fairly intelligent. 100,000 people today were burned. I felt a pang of concern, - what are we waitin' for - a message of hope. - from the... POPE! I think he got shot as well!!!! When everyday of your life, seems the same - as the last, & you know who you're gonna meet - & what they're gonna ask then supposin' your legs just withered away & you had to somehow slide around on your backside - for the rest of your days. 'Imagine'... that you're happy now. It's easy if you try - because we're all caught up in a mortifying loop - LIFE.

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