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Hideous louse! The face deformed by horror, By the fear of life's duties, By the anguish of the unknown Born in blood and tears You'll bleed and cry when the day you die Welcome to the world of the living Here's your supreme punishment Look at the wound of life That only death will be able to heal Oh! Bulged tummy women Oh! Deformed body women From your filthy womb It's death to whom you give birth Hideous louse! The face deformed by horror, By the fear of the nothingness of death By the anguish of the unknown Welcome to the kingdom of the dead Here's your promised reward Looks on you to close again The great vagina of the earth

Versuri Samael melodiei melodia cantece cuvinte. Versuri cuvintele descarca piesa piesa muzica Son Of Earth muzica straina melodiei.

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