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Enchained to a shadow of the past he walks the path of life following the same quest, like a ghost silly lover, silly romance, how pathetic constant, permanent, disenchantment She will be called Moonskin and she will have the beauty of the marble hair dancing like flames around her snow-white shape Enchained to the Venus spell he left the reason behind defiling the garden, forcing the passage going to the bottom, to steal the end to shake, to shake deathæ¯ hand Once again illusion fades away, once again heæ¯ falling as the milky stream of life goes dying She was called Moonskin now sheæ¯ no more, but a round bright sphere in his night floating in a timeless place Enchained to a shadow of the past he walks the path of life carrying that old story like a cross on which he will, on which he may nail another star Moonskin Samael muzica straina melodia melodiei ultima melodie. Melodiei versuri descarca muzica cantece descarca cuvinte ultima melodie cantece cuvinte versuri.

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