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Versuri Something so right

You've got the cool water When the fever runs high You've got the look of lovelight in your eyes And I was in crazy motion Til you calmed me down It took a little time But you calmed me down When something goes wrong I'm the first to admit it I'm the first to admit it But the last one to know when something goes right Well it's likely to lose me It's apt to confuse me It's such an unusual sight I can't get used to something so right Something so right They've got a wall in China It's a thousand miles long To keep out the foreigners They made it strong I've got a wall around me You can't even see It took a little time To get to me Chorus Some people never say the words I love you It's not their style to be so bold Some people never say those words I love you But like a child they're longing to be told Chorus

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