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Versuri Oh, marion

(Paul Simon) The boy's got brains He just don't use 'em that's all The boy's got brains He just refuse to use 'em and that's all He said "The more I got to thinkin The less I tend to laugh" The boy's got brains He just abstains The boy's got a heart But it beats on the opposite side It's a strange phenomenon The laws of nature defied He said "Its a chance I had to take So I shifted my heart for its safety sake" The boy's got a heart but it beats on His opposite side Oh, Marion, I think I'm in trouble here I should have believed you When I heard you saying it The only time That love is an easy game Is when two other people Are playing it The boy's got a voice But the voice is his natural disguise Yes the boy's got a voice But his words don't connect to his eyes He says "Oh, but when I sing I can hear the truth auditioning". The boy's got a voice But the voice is natural

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