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Versuri Something Is Burning

You lie in gentle sleep beside me I hear your warm and rhythmic breathing I take your hand and hold it tightly Listen, can you not hear our young hearts beating I kiss the sleep from your eyes Your smile is sweeter than the morning And here it comes (CHORUS) Can you feel it baby Can you feel it, here it comes Feel it, Feel it Fire, Fire Something's burning Something's burning Something's burning And I think it's love. And now the sun is burning brightly We lie in love so close together I get the feeling deep inside me My love for you will burn forever I'D CUT MY HAND TO TOUCH YOUR FACE I cup my hands to touch your face And once again I feel your fire And here it comes (CHORUS) And I think it's love, love And I think it's love. And I think it's love, love And I think it's love. And I think it's love, love And I think it's love.

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