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Versuri Scarlet Fever

I stood outside the Lucky Star Staring at the flashing sign It read: come on in and watch young Scarlet´s body come alive Let her dance for you and catch your spell You´ll swear you can believe her Be careful not to catch the scarlet fever. So I paid my fare and walked down front And found an empty chair As I settled in young scarlet took the ribbons from her hair The moves her body made while the music played Were the likes I´ve never seen And she became the envy of my dreams. One by one her teasing movements Brought the crowd out of their seats And all at once young scarlet Danced straight up in front of me From the moment that her eyes found mine I´ve never been the same Scarlet locked another heart upon her chain. Now I get scarlet fever every time I see her But she´s a night club teaser Not paid to notice me Yes, I get scarlet fever If she knew how much I need her She´d place her hand in my hand And dance away with me. She looked 25 but I was told That she was just 16 She had a way of making a man believe She danced for only him As she tantalized I fantasized And felt the sound of my heart beat And every night I´d dream She´d fall in love with me. Then one night while driving in My eyes begun to tear ´cos the sign outside the Lucky Star said: scarlet isn´t here she´d left that day to find a life of bigger and better things and she left behind my chain of broken dreams. But still get scarlet fever In my mind I still see her Out there dancing somewhere To another fool like me. Yes, I get ....

Cuvintele cuvinte Scarlet Fever cuvinte. Kenny Rogers asculta versurile piesa melodia cuvintele Diverse versuri cuvinte muzica straina descarca cuvinte versuri.

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