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Versuri Someone To Watch Over Me

(L. Gershwin/G Gershwin) WarnerChappell Music Ltd. There's a saying old Says that love is blind Still we're often told Seek and we shall find So I'm gonna seek a certain girl I have in mind Looking everywhere,haven't found her yet She's the big affair,I cannot forget Only girl I ever thinkof with regret... I would like to addmy initials to her monogram Oh.. tell me where isthe shepperd For this lost lamb There's a somebody I'mlonging to see I hope that she turnsout to be Someone who watch overme Well, I'm a little lambwho's lost in the wood I know I could alwaysbe good To one who'lI watchover me Although I may not bethe man Some girls think ofas handsome To her heart I'll carrythe key Oh.. Won't you tellher, please, To put on some speed Follow my lead Oh, how I need... Someone to watch overme... Someone to watch overme.

Cuvintele cantece melodia asculta Michael Ball muzica straina melodiei cuvinte melodiei. Versuri album asculta versuri asculta Someone To Watch Over Me album melodiei.

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