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Versuri Beautiful Heartache

(D. Morgan/S. Diamond) It was one of those nights When the moon was just right Something good was gonna happen I could feel it inside That's when I saw her At a club called 'Simply Blues' And the way that we connected Should have made front page news She had an electric smile And an air of confidence Why she was there alone Didn't make no sense I said, 'Let's get out of here. Hey, ain't you tired of this?' She said, 'Well, you put it like that, How could I resist?' Chorus: She was a beautiful, beautiful heartache Beautiful chance I had to take She was a beautiful, beautiful heartache It hurt so good... I'd gladly make the same mistake It didn't take long till I was over my head So many promises were made So many things got said I loved her and I thought that she loved me But some things in this world Well, they just ain't meant to be Chorus No regerets, no tears, no feeling sorry now That's just a door that had to close I knew going in that it might not work out That's just the way the story, That's just the way the story goes Chorus (repeat) I was over my head It was one of those nights...

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