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Versuri Smoke And Ashes

Tick-tock went the watch on your wrist Telling you softly of the minutes you've missed Kneeling down with your head in the bowl Telling yourself, there should never be days like this Just when you thought that you had it down You woke up dreaming of cocaine and clowns Everybody knew that you sang the blues No one could guess that you would sing them like this CHORUS Smoke and ashes Smoke and ashes A comet burns and then it crashes Smoke and ashes You spilled the beans on Friday night Now Monday's here and there's no one in sight But, hey, that's the price that you've got to pay For letting yourself get your own way CHORUS versurile cuvintele versuri versuri album. Muzica asculta cuvinte A Camp melodia versurile piesa muzica straina Smoke And Ashes.

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