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(John Critchley) You've got two eyes and pocket Strange eyes of the visionary No one knows where your name is You only live in memory When you walk down the street They throw rose petals at your feet I didn't know you were for real Until I saw you today on TV Live at 3 On CBC They said, The saviour has returned today. They said that you were from heaven They said that you rule Well it must all be true because you look so cool They said you returned To wash away the sins of the world Well, holy fucking shit Sweet Jesus, won't you touch me please Set me free Save me The saviour has returned today They said you were from heaven They said that you ruled Well it must be true 'Cause you look so cool Your eyes are like pools Come on sweet fool The saviour has returned today melodiei muzica straina melodia versuri asculta Saviour. A Camp cuvintele ultima melodie melodia melodiei versurile versuri cantece

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