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Versuri Slow motion

What's all that commotion going on? The boy in the back on his second attack wants his baby back. Wants his baby back. What's all that commotion that you hear? The girl in the back who was doing the quake got a belly ache. She can't concentrate. Pick up the beat, you can move like you're made out of vapor. Catch me if you can is what she said with her hands. Come on and take me back. Can you take her back? When she gives you the beat and you get the shine, the world slows down and she stops on a dime. Got a number when you close your eyes like a real magician. Still she knows she'll never lose a thing. She can put you up on a shelf until she wants to pull the string. Still you know she'll never slip away. Keep time in your head, counting in your head. Slow motion. I can play with time. I can keep today but tomorrow's fine. Stop and look at the pictures rolling in your head. Slow motion. You can play with time. You can leave her today but tomorrow's fine. Stop and live in your dreams at night, rolling in your bed. Slow motion, you can stop on a dime. Slow motion, you ought to try it sometime. Take me back on another track. Take me back, take me back. Slow motion, you can pick up the beat. Slow motion, you can stop on the street. Take me back on another track. Take me back, take me back.

Melodiei Blondie descarca album versurile versuri album ultima melodie muzica versuri. Slow motion muzica straina muzica descarca melodiei.

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