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Versuri Accidents Never Happen

No, I don't believe in luck. No, I don't believe in circumstance no more. Accidents never happen in a perfect world, so I won't believe in luck. I saw you walking in the dark, so I slipped behind your footsteps for a while. Caught you turning 'round the block... Fancy meeting in a smaller world. After all, accidents never happen. Could have planned it all. Precognition in my ears. Accidents never happen in a perfect world. Complications disappear. Now you love me. I, yeah, I can tell. I never lied. I never cried. And you, you knew so well. Like the Magi on the hill, I can divinate your presence from afar. And I'll follow you until I can bring you to a perfect world. Accidents never happen in a perfect world. Accidents never happen.

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