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Artist: Scarface f/ Facemob Album: High School High soundtrack Song: Skrilla Intro: Skrillaaaaaaaaaa Skrillaaaaaaaaaa Skrillaaaaaaaaaa Skrillaaaaaaaaaa Verse 1: Facemob Thinkin bout money, money, money, plottin how to get me some (The fast dough) Cos see don't nothin move but the flow, really doe I kid you not, I'm real with dis Havin skrilla is the only way to deal with this If it ain't green, it ain't me, that's no goddamn lie Well show me big skrill and I will get live Give up the loochie, I need it in a major way Now gimme all (all), I gots ta have it (everyday) It's my world, the only mom, I'm stressed, that'll make you break you, if it's really real then I'll take you Shake you for the dollar bill let's see You're outta here (smoked on the fuckin concrete) Chorus: Skrillaaaaaaaaaa - Got me crazy, skrilla got me gone Skrillaaaaaaaaaa - got me flippin new Cadillac chromes Skrillaaaaaaaaaa - got me crazy, skrilla got me mad Cos skrilla gives me from riches to rags (motherfucker) Verse 2: Scarface, Facemob It ain't nuttin but the cash flow game How long can you last 'fore you're down to your very last change, nigga? (Money makes the world go round) Tell em again y'all (Money makes the world go round) (*My God*) Forty, fifty grand a night, that's what I'm seein as I'ma vin your own ass tonight, you know the meanin of a worldwide national? Big money gripper Baller, called a, million dollar nigga (uhh, who me?) Yes you (Could be, but who?) Uhh, 350 bringin on in the weeks news And no I don't shoot, I swoop in my Coupe Skrilla for realla my nigga, so whatcha wanna do? Do you want to fuck around with my crew? Do you want to? Would do exactly what you did do Stay in you, don't have enough to attend to the menu So come and let me single, continue (everybody sayin) To make money money money, make money money money (yeah) Here go fat stacks if you can't take money nigga Take money money money, take money money money So can you please make the cheque out to the Facemob Check it Now one, two, three to the fo', like rippin million dollars in my hand, tight Facemob rule number one thing (what?) Skrilla, nuttin but skrilla's the way to maintain Us both, have got to keep the skrill between us fo', as we proceed to make mo' Really doe, from town to town we puts it down As I, hold it down, game tight, right Now Miss Crabtree (Crabtree), I know that you are mad at me To find out that it was your money (money) that I spent and now girl, it's all gone (It's what?) It's all gone It's gone like riches to rags, dishes to bags of leftover ten and jam, can happen to any man Gots ta get money, money I gots ta get this shit right now so I can hop on the lot And we about to come up as we put the shit down Hold up, don't rush, cos I'm good ta gets mine If it wadn't for bad, I'd have no up than luck Smokin plank of man, who gives a motherfuck!!!! The bill collectors, they ring my phone Scam my wife when I'm not home Bitch I'm gone, tryin ta come back phat Facemob where ya at? (Right behind ya and we strapped) Strapped with straps and all eyes on paper And most importantly you keep your mind on papin And you can have it all, if you can take your money pieces at a time but you can't take your pieces outta mine Big wine, it's all about the dollar sign I'm, flippin in the big Dawg, continental flyin Tryin to stack it to the ceilin on you home's Cos bitches got me cummin but skrilla got me goin Chorus: Skrillaaaaaaaaaa - got me crazy, skrilla got me goin Skrillaaaaaaaaaa - got me flippin new Cadillac chromes Skrillaaaaaaaaaa - bought me houses, skrilla bought me clothes Skrilla got me flippin in a Rolls versuri muzica straina melodia melodiei. versuri melodiei descarca cantece melodia cuvintele ultima melodie High School High Soundtrack Skrilla descarca muzica.

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