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Versuri Get down for mine

Artist: Real Live Album: High School High Soundtrack Song: Get Down For Mine Intro: Yeah son There's mad kids up here gettin CREAM for the 9-6 (True) Yeah and I been doin this shit for a long time Y'know? Shootin game bombs the mind (Aight) And this is a year when mad caps get peeled So I'ma spark this line, kick the real (Bang em out!) With all this chaos in the realms of the street Ya local street thug gots ta make ends meet (True) The average Joe is far too slow for this ghetto pro You better know when I hit the streets I like to glow I like to glisten and at the same time stay low listen, motherfuck the fame, I'm persuin the dope My steelo is abolic to a kilo Cash is poppin, coke is cokin, fiends is coppin Ain't that some shit, a player that's use to livin rich is now a stick-up kid caught up in the ditch In '94, Giuliani kicked down the door In '95, niggas flipped to stay alive Peelin caps while I laugh in the stash, four and a half Remy and a glass, sparked the boom then I blast They wanna confine me, sneak up from behind me Bust a cap in my back and put me where they can't find me They hate to see a young player pay (Naw, they don't wanna see that Sean) They'd rather see him spray But I'm like Vinny, a terminator, squeeze and let off Usin verbs and nouns like rounds to blow ya head off Hit nuff spots, heat nuff Glocks If that's what it stops like Columbian blow crops I'm out get the CREAM and ain't no doubt in my mind Fuck this roach shit, I'm hit, I get down for mine Chorus: I get down for mine who be gettin down for theirs If we gettin money put ya hands in the air I get down for mine who be gettin down for theirs On the regular, shakin victims with no fear *repeat* I hear you wanna be a player, alright son place your bets Let's play a game of real nigga roulette Witness a DOA as I spray the melee Content and punctuation is compared to AK You want a daily overdose from pure funk I'm buckin off like Tommy 'gain but calm as a Buddhist monk Decapitatin rappers in my trunk (what?) I'm sick, puffin skunk, bouncin wit my click, poppin mega junk I'm gettin dank white clouds be zig-zaggin What's this talk about flippin ki's, c'mon you're nickel-baggin! I'm blastin off wigs, ??? doubters believe it you see I was packin heaters when jokers was bangin cheerleaders Ain't nothin changed, it's still the same in the rap game I'm known for bangin rookies out the frame Y'all done forgot who was the pimp from the start Sippin vintage wine eatin a'la carte I'm phenomenal from the abdominal Far from comical, lyrics is stickin the brains like barnicle Never sleep, I'm bringin the drama to the streets with techniques and rollin in fleet Ain't nothin sweet about the streets so I'm poetically ill I'm pure like coka and lyrics shine like Fiscelle I got to bring it at'cha throat and you ain't showin no signs K-Def let em know I get down for mine Chorus I get down for mine(x4) I get down for mine who be gettin down for theirs On the regular, shakin victims with no fears

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