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Versuri Sign of the cross

Eleven saintly shrouded men silhouettes stand against the sky one in front with a cross held high come to wash my sins away Standing alone in the wind and rain feeling the fear that is growing Sensing the change in the tide again brought by the storm that is brewing Feel the anxiety hold off the fear some of the doubt in the things you believe Now that your faith will be put to the test nothing to do but await what is coming Why is then God still protecting me even when I don't deserve it? Though I am blessed with an inner strenght some they would call it a penance Why am I meant to face this alone asking the question time and again Praying to God won't keep me alive Inside my head feel the fear start to rise... They'll be saving their prayers when the moment comes there'll be penance to pay when it's judgement day And the guilty'll bleed when that moment comes they'll be coming to claim, take your soul away The sign of the cross The name of the rose A fire in the sky The sign of the cross They'll be coming to bring the eternal flame They'll be bringing us all immortality Holding comunion so the world be blessed my creator, my God, lay my soul to rest The sign of the cross The name of the rose A fire in the sky The sign of the cross Lost the love of heaven above Chose the lust of the earth below Eleven saintly shrouded men Came to wash my sins away

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