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She lays in bed at night and that is when I make my call. But when she stares at me, she can't see nothing at all, Because you see I can't take no shape or form. It's been three long years since I've been gone. I can't get used to purgatory, you know it really makes me cry, I'll never know the reason why I had to go. I'm crying, Deep inside me, Can't you see me? Can't you see me? I'm looking forward to her spirit coming over to me. I feel so tempted to bring her over to see, Just what it's like to be hanging on the other side. I feel so lonely, it's a long time since I died. I try to show her that she's never gonna be alone, Because my spirit is imprisoned in the Twilight Zone. I'm crying, Can't you hear me? Can't you see me?

Cantece muzica versuri muzica straina versuri Iron Maiden . Album Twilight Zone cantece asculta Rock asculta.

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