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Nude cadavers glisten in ecstacy. Extreme perverse addiction of unbridled sadism. Bound and gagged, bludgeoned. Fixating sex with dead bodies, some still breathing. Collection of torturing devices and snuff films I've created. Photos of postmortem intercourse, mutilation of vulnerable cunts. They're better off dead than alive to me. Often chloroformed, awakening in bondage. Sickening erotic fanaticism. Broken under my control. Barbarically sodomized., achieving orgasm in the sight of what I've created, a moribund fantasy. Fetish of deranged humiliation. Hogtied, weeping, quieted by a muzzle. Erotic asphyxiation, brutalized by my hands. Enshrouded in macabre vestments of the dead. Genital weights dangle. Shackled in captivity. Inebriated, drugged. Restrained, brutally violated. Pleasure through deviant sexual practices, horrendous suffering. Unparalleled perversity, uncontrolled lust for dead flesh.

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