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Scattered on the roadsides, bloodcaked bodies, unsolved slayings, methodically mutilated, sliced ear to ear. Tongue yanked from the throat dangling. Jugular spitting blood as if a faucet. The urge to watch them die, muffled screams seemed to pacify. Victims found, teeth removed, sperm coated throats. All shivering in chaotic spasms, I quaff the gurgling plasma in postmortem orgies. The beauty of the lifeless. Embracing the dead before disposing. Sanguinary jugular wine splattered, how many more bodies. Dead... Arousal through barbarism, remaining anonymous, undetected. Naked corpses dumped for all to see. Slit throats, stripped of all clothing. Pasttimes of sadistic amusement. Remembering, gloating at my achievements. Documenting the various phases of mutilation. Sliced during penetration, before and after death.

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