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Verse 1 (Omarion) Shorty was 5'5 hair cut like a bowl Lookin like a model from the cover of vogue Sexy momma, body bangin out of control She lookin at me, but I ain't fa sho She was the hottest gurl I eva seen before Said to myself, gotta get her fa sho Stepped up to her with my playa approach And said, hey lil lady please give me ya name and... Chorus (2x) What up there, shorty? Lookin sexy in ya jeans there, shorty Got me actin like a fiend there shorty So gurl won't you come and be my shorty (uh uh) Verse 2 (Omarion) For the 1st 5 minutes she was sweatin me But I could tell that she liked the way I sag my jeans I said, sweetie do you wanna take a ride wit me? Told my boys that she could be the one for me So I said, baby can I be the man you need? Holla at me mommy if you feelin me I whispered in her ear and she smiled at me I said, hey lil shorty would you be my girlfriend? Chorus Rap (Lil Fizz) Soditty and Pretty- just how I like 'em When a girl talk mess, she always down to fight 'em A thug appeal that's real- she don't say hi She like, yo what's the deal? A girl that pop her collar that'll make her own dollar She don't like a Benz she like a '64 Impala One that can hold her own Sneak me in when pops ain't home Tuck the chrome and say she love me in a sexy tone Chorus (3x)

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