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verse 1 You thought I was In the dark ( no no never me) Baby boy From the start (you was trippin) I was asking questions to see If you was creepin For no reason (at all) I am acusing you of cheatin no matter what you saying Its so irrating so baby stop playin chorus Dog Tryna run your game on me (you're a dog) Thinkin you can cheat on me (you're a dog) Boy you know you lost my trust (your a dog) And I know it's obvious (your a dog) repeat verse 2 I heard you say you were gonna push up on her I played along boy you think im stupid I'm on point no i don't miss a damn thang Fed up but Jhene ain't foldin Think i don't know but she is my dog yeah I got my friend on you tellin her to call You got caught and now I know that your a dog repeat chorus 2 times Lil Fizz rap i'm a d-o-g from the t-u-g it's hard tryna be F-i-double z i'm the jay-z of my generation so sick i'm every hospitals #1 patient girls be killin me with they fantasies when all i really wanted was the ??? 2 minutes of conversation and you're out of contol i'm a d-o-g ain't no changin me Think i didn't know (you were playin games on me) Tried to play me for a fool (I'm your new enemy) You're barkin up the wrong tree Now you turned into my enemy repeat chorus 2 times

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