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Versuri ShoBiz Blues

Tried busking down in Frisco, tried dancin' in LA I played the blues in Chicago, boy I ran home in Santa Fe I played guitar for many men, signed a deal or two And all I ever got from them is the sho-biz blues I got hot chicks down in Texas, no work in Alabam' Snowed in out on Belibor you were always in a jam Worked carnivals down in Georgia, night clubs attitude And all I ever got from them is the sho-biz blues Well the manager's got no money, the bookers had no jobs The record man he fell asleep, he says I look like a slob The bus breaks down and the motel's bad you're always in a stew You can't quit you're too far gone, you got the sho-biz blues I tried to love the ladies everywhere I went When I got down and out they wouldn't ever pay my rent If you crave your neighbour lights, the spotlight's right on you When it's time to get the catch with the sho-biz blues Now you can't sleep till two o'clock, you ain't no millionaire This entertaining lifestyle just seems to go nowhere You write a song it seems OK, they say it's nothin' new It don't take long to find you've got the sho-biz blues

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