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Versuri What Do You Expect

Well, I quit my high living just for you Made you number one while I was number two Set the weight of a hangman, to keep you satisfied Times you dogged around on me and lied, lied, lied What do you expect Caviar and candlelight What do you expect Champagne every night Well, you come home in the morning, quarter to two Slide into the bedroom, want me to make love to you I can take your jiving, can play it all cool But I can't keep from knowing you think I'm a fool, fool, fool What do you expect Santa Claus at Christmas time What do you expect Bouquet of roses for your time Yeah, now two days been gone since you been here You've been hanging out, I don't know, I don't care Change my way of living, gotta be stepping out that door You won't find me here when you come back for more What do you expect Cadillac and a chauffeur too What do you expect Just another fool for you Sometimes we do it and sometimes we don't I can't wait no longer just to get to the point What do you expect Beating my head against the wall What do you expect You want to take it all

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