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Me and the vivid girl in our hammock to the stars staring into the fire before TV, the remote-control's on Mars In the dope of the pigment, in a poetic state of mind in a flood of the country we lay down to kill some time And we spoke languidly of the Northern Bee and collecting dewdrops for tea underneath the cannonball tree We were high, we were sherpa-high, we conspired against old friends we said we must be friends or die and we've died a thousand times since then And we spoke long, at length of the fight or flee and of nothing in particularly underneath the cannonball tree We spoke off-handedly of the new extremes and of nothing in particularly underneath the cannonball tree We're at the point where we love or hate it we can write it down and obliterate it when we're at the point when we neither love nor hate it we can lay down and obliterate it melodiei melodia descarca muzica straina versuri Tragically Hip versuri ultima melodie Sherpa ultima melodie cuvinte album.

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