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Old lion's dying, got left behind Cut your teeth, lose your meat And man it's just a matter of time Key's to the cuffs, you might be king That's it, that's all, that's everything Skeletons come here to dance Where barrooms beat their brothers Into a bloody trance What's the deal? What did I do? Who cops all the cops is all I asked of you Chorus Lining up, waiting on the trickle down Something's up, taking time to get around Belly up, all the drinks are on the crown It's just a matter of trickle down Twenty miles before the crash That's the style for a while And man I think it's gonna last Hit the breaks is all you can say Conductor says we'll save them For another rainy day Chorus

Cuvinte versuri versurile cuvintele muzica straina cuvintele Trickle Down. Versuri descarca piesa melodia Tragically Hip piesa.

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