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Shake! Shake! shake! Listen while I talk to you I'll tell you what we're gonna do There's a new thing that's goin' around and I'll tell you what they're puttin' it down Just move your body round & round and just shake Aw mama shake That's the way to do it Shake! Aw you're lookin' good now, shake! Shake it like a bowl of soup Make your body loop the loop Put your hands on your hips Kind a let your backbone slip Move your body like a whip and just Shake Um that's done it Shake! Yeah, you're lookin' good now Shake! Shake! Ding-a-ling Honey, shkin' is the latest thing and if you want to swing just loosen up your shoulders If you want to really roll You got to do the thing with soul Shake the shake with all your might and if you do it, do it right Just make your body loose and light and just Shake! Aw honey Shake! Oh, shake! Aw that's the way to do it Shake! muzica Pop melodia versurile mp3 mp3 versuri. Album cuvintele melodiei Shake mp3 Bryan Adams cantece muzica straina mp3 versuri.

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