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Versuri Back to you

Back To You Lyrics I've been down - I've been beat I've been so tired-that I could not speak I've been so lost thatt I could not see I wanted things that were out of reach then I found you and you helped me through and ya showed me what to do And that's why I'm comin' back to you... Like a star that guides a ship across the ocean that's how your love will take me home back to you And if I wish upon that star - someday I'll be where you are I know that day is coming soon - ya, I'm coming back to you. You've been alone, but ya did not show it You've been in pain, but did not know it Let me do what I needed to - you were there when I needed you Mighta let you down, mighta messed you round but ya never changed your point of view and that's why I'm comin' back to you... I'm coming back to you I'm coming back to you I'm coming back to you That day is coming soon I'm coming back to you cuvinte cuvintele descarca versuri melodia melodiei mp3 versuri muzica straina. Pop versurile Bryan Adams muzica versurile Back to you versurile.

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