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Versuri Sex Control (Under Control)

lyrics: G. Gross, C. Capek,, A. Humpe music: A. Humpe You're the most beautiful girl that I've seen And I mean that you're a dream for all men to see, Just the way you bite your lip and move your hips Makes any man wanna say Holy Shit! And now to think that this dream became true for me and you, Nobody else to see it through but us two, Me touching you in the right spot, you making me hot, Nothing left but to reach the top, uh, It seems light years away, that day, And even though it just passed, I'm starting to pray, Or is it something I say or am I thinking out loud, Honey, I need you right now. Refrain (2x): You got me under control You took me right by my soul You know my body can roll Let me be the ball, you the goal And now I'm feeling like I can't breathe, I can't leave, Just the thought of you is sweeter than candy, Cause baby, I just can't believe and I can't see, You've got the choice of millions, why choose me? Is it because I made you pay the price? uh, Is it because I made you play with ice? uh, Is it because I made you fight all night, touched you right, Held you tight, treated you nice? Whatever it is, I want it back tonight, Until the broad daylight shines bright in our eyes, And am I thinking out loud or is it something I say? Honey, I need you to stay. Refrain

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