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Versuri Setting of the sun

She sits beside her, Stares out across the waves as she's digging in the sand And looks around her, And knows the crazy world would never understand. And she says "please would you find me, I've lost my way, please would you save me now" He wakes to find that he's out of love again and its time for him to run, And back inside her, he feels his innocence slowly setting with the sun And he says "please would you save me, I'll lose my way, please would you help me to escape" And their answers lie in a setting sun, And the reasons why will remain unknown, 'cause we live our lives 'till we come undone We just have to believe, We just have to believe, We just have to believe.

Versuri versurile asculta descarca Ben Jelen Setting of the sun muzica muzica. Ultima melodie versuri cuvintele cantece muzica straina versurile.

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