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Strokes of dark, a brush of light, I watch you bring your canvas into light. Oh I know thats how you see the world, I know that you see anything you like. But now I'm doubting me, I know I shouldn't be but I've been down, I've been down Cause it was love wasn't it? Well its killing me not having it. Its hard to not remeber, Forget its not the same, When still you come and tell me 'sorry I came without an invitation-just wanted to be loved.' The last perfect thing, You know that you bring me back to life. On and on and on and on, I think about you all day long, I need you to be stronger. Cause now I'm doubting me - I know I shouldn't be but I've been down, I've been down Cause it was love... Yeah, I hear the sound, And I know that you'll be Coming round - you know I'll wait for you. Oh love, its killing me not having it. I need you to Be stronger, don't wanna hear the sound, 'cause rocks upoun my window mean that you're coming round. And how could I resist when I think you're still in love. How can I move on when I wanna be in love with you.

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