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Versuri Setting Of The Two Suns

[music:CHRIS/SPIROS] In a world of endless light, into the boundless space two suns the only gods, two burning holes in the sky. [SOLO:CHRIS] Without a warning the two suns slowly faded abandoning their only children unprotected from the cold. Down on their knees.They have total consience, as Night drains their spirit,the inner light of logic leaving the bodies to walk this blind planet. Stumbling to others that now are animals,crying light....... [Chorus:] SETTING OF THE TWO SUNS....... Then a light came from the horizon devouring the land. It wasn't sun.! [SOLO:SOTIRIS] It took a minute for a flame to become a fire. The great cities will all become ashes , drifting with the wind.

Septic Flesh versurile melodiei. Versuri Setting Of The Two Suns muzica cantece versuri melodia cuvinte piesa muzica straina.

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