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Versuri Underworld (Act 1)

[music:CHRIS] Tranquility...How necessary,how boring it can be. The liquid void has no ears to receive the consolation of the surface. [AN IGNORANT:] MAYBE IT'S BETTER THAT WAY. WHAT DOESN'T TOUCH DOESN'T HURT. The innocence of a swan gliding on a desolate lake can't be sensed and therefore can't bring jealousy. Entire worlds full of wonder are banished to rest only in few visionary minds, haunting them with their glowing beauty. Fortunately,there are always those with the forked tongue to bring the borders closer. But there are also tribes of inferior beings, beings so proudly inferior necessary to give worth to the higher. But not without cost... They liberate ordeals. Their negative thought is the fungus, the grim vestment of the relic. [THE LEADER:] THE ERODING FRANKINCENCE OF MARASMOUS CAN BECOME UNTOLERABLE. Their region is warm like a blanket but narrow as a coffin, an UNDERWORLD. Fortunately there are always those with the forked tongue that bring the borders closer... ultima melodie muzica straina versuri. Album versurile melodia cuvinte Underworld (Act 1) ultima melodie cuvintele asculta melodia Septic Flesh versuri ultima melodie.

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