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itââ¬â¢s your secret why would you tell it to me? itââ¬â¢s your lover on the television scream (?) why would you not try to be? why would you not try to see? itââ¬â¢s about your blue hair i want to stay the night with you you got the beamiest face car turns right iââ¬â¢m into you right from wrong is not quite seen right from wrong is it everything? itââ¬â¢s your secret itââ¬â¢s your secret tell it to me tell it to me donââ¬â¢t want to step on the cracks the feeling is we didnââ¬â¢t you got the beamiest face car turns left iââ¬â¢m into you taking sleepy pills for rest anxious love gets so obsessed itââ¬â¢s your love affair on a quiet sunday afternoon and your speedy pills you should know iââ¬â¢m into you why would you not try to be? why would you not try to see?

Album cantece melodiei melodia versuri muzica ultima melodie album. Versuri cuvintele cuvinte piesa Secret Howie Day muzica straina cantece.

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