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on the phone to saturday where did you go? ââ¬â¢cause the tequila from your kiss is still around and youââ¬â¢re down to remind me i know that youââ¬â¢re away but youââ¬â¢re not gone reeling inside she wants to call she can spin my motivation like a record off the wall donââ¬â¢t you try for anyone but yourself? you do for me - donââ¬â¢t you i can feel it in your mind kristina falls down to the floor she is fine and itââ¬â¢s alright she said youââ¬â¢re broken drowned and drunk no one had ever felt like she did before before you did you know that if you go down to planeside i will be there waiting for you at the top of the stairs and you will be so beautiful kristina said letââ¬â¢s have your party december i donââ¬â¢t know why she trys to be so real kristina said letââ¬â¢s have your baby in september i donââ¬â¢t know why you try to be so real

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