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f/ Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo Yo, niggas be askin me yo 50 who you got beef wit? I'm a tell yall niggas who I got beef wit I got beef wit any nigga I can't make no money wit If I can't make no money wit you, fuck you nigga G-Unit nigga, thats whatsup cause I said thats whatsup [Tony Yayo] I get money, money I got so its a 100 grams or better when I'm going to cop I never hold the toaster cause I use my little soldier And my down bitch as a holster, like I'm supposed ta heavy pistol sales for living my gun rip through lungs and tear through tissue while I'm out for the ends, you out for a rep thats the same thing that have yo mama in a black dress see me in a black lex, hard-top My mink drop-top, fresh out the carlot I got the gift of raw pugilist speeches(?) So I'm gon sell like the box office features Niggas in the hood can't see G-UNIT! but deep in they heart they wanna be G-UNIT! cause we got them three b's: benzes, burners and bitches and plus we on the road to the riches [Chorus: repeat 2X] You can say what you want about me As long as you don't get in the way of my money Cause all that talking shit to me played out Nigga keep bumping your gums you get laid out [Lloyd Banks] Lately I been going through a phase Hope they aint tap the phones Cause we got pumps the size of saxophones Therefore I'm on the move with the squad I'm stingy as ever, known to trick fast food on a broad Picture me putting jewels on a broad I'd rather put shoes on the car A pool in the yard You don't really wanna fool with the god Nigga my front line long enough to fill two boulevards In this game, you only make it far if you loyal And if you grew up with your mother and your father you spoiled Why swing, you gotta be strapped to get rid of me Ill leave you in water like the statute of liberty Tryin to be cool Blowin green that strong enough to make a white boy open fire on a school Keep rappin for your hood, I'm rappin for benzes And long assault rifles with straps on the lenses [Chorus] [50 Cent] Yall niggas gotta learn from me (Yeah!!) What I learned from Gotta Rock and Spank G (Un-Huh) Yall niggas gotta learn from me (Yeah!!) What I learned from watching Brucie B Look, I shot the sheriff And nigga if you get too close yo punk ass getting shot Here's the plan, I'm a keep stackin my ends Till I'm on airplane seats in the Maebach benz I'm all about the chips I done took them trips 22's on the 6 26 on the bricks And them outta town niggas, I'm chargin yall more I tapdance on the shit I aint servin it raw You sell smoke, look nigga I got what you need But it aint goin cheap I got mouths to feed Niggas always sayin damn 50 you bugged Cause I got hoes giving niggas the date rape drug Gimme his watch and his chain We not the same, he a lame He want pussy I'm bout my money man Crap table in Vegas had his bitch on my dick Threw a 7 so many times they thought the dice was fixed Yo its 50, when your mindframe change and start to rearrange I'll see you another day motherfucker it's 50 Shots 'til your heart drop and freeze up, ease up motherfucker [Chorus] ultima melodie versuri muzica asculta album versurile. Descarca piesa cuvintele muzica straina cantece 50 Cent Say what you want versuri Hip-hop.

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