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Versuri Whoo kid kayslay shit!

i'm a big dick that's who i really am 50 cent that's me casue i dont give a danmn i'm a filthy piece a trash who screws his mom who doesnt even know that fucking's his job me fifty cent,i suck balls shittin on cardboard box that i live in 50 cent thats' all i'm worth so for all u people out there i suck i really do dont waste ur time listining to my worthless piece a shit it's a load of crap get rich or dye tryin the new album name is get raped or die tryin bbbbbbbbiittttttchhhh!!!!!!!!!! well that's all i have 2 say if u ever wanna come over and suck muy dick (o wait, that's right, I DONT HAVE ONE!!!)remember, I ONLY COST 50 CENTS CASUE I'M NOTHIN BUT A WORTHESS PIECE OF SHIT FROM JAMAICA!!!

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