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Versuri Run silent, run deep

The convoy lights are dead ahead The merchantmen lay in their bed The thump of diesels hammers down In the oily sea-the killing ground His knuckles white his eyes alight He slams the hatch on the deadly night A cunning fox in the chickens lair A hound of hell and the devil don't care chorus: Running silent,running deep,we are your final prayer Warriors in secret sleep,a merchantman's nightmare A silent death lies waiting, for all of you below Running silent,running deep,sink into your silent sleep Chill the hearts of fighting men In open ocean wondering when? The lethal silver fish will fly The boat will shiver-men will die A cast of millions-a part to play Killer? victim? or fool for a day Obeying an order-men have to die Us or them - a well rehearsed lie chorus The lifeboats shattered the hull is torn The tar black smell of burning oil On the way down to Davy Jones Every man for himself - you're on your own The wolf eyes watch the crosswire 'Stern tubes ready','aim and fire' They can pin some medal on your chest But in two more weeks - dead like the rest chorus

Cuvintele descarca versuri Run silent, run deep Iron Maiden versuri muzica cuvinte muzica straina album. Descarca descarca Rock melodia album cantece.

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