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We passed the stores, we passed the hotels Filled our car with gasoline We drove that night, I saw the moon Almost got us in an accident And then at the rest stop When that woman tried to steal my wallet It felt like an adventure Isn't that what you would call it? I sn't that what you would call it? You're my road buddy, but I'm lonely all the time I thought we'd be joking, having long talks on late night drives But you drive so bad I lost my patience So pass the chips and turn the station This is not a romance with the road Where the moss grows up the trees To where the bird is rusty I thought we'd find ecah story like a snakeskin or an arrowhead But we onlys top at fastfood places They hate thier jobs, I understand They try to act familiar, but they're floating just above the land And we are all floating You're my road buddy, but I'm lonely all the time I thought we'd show that friendship could be stronger than the crossroads Double back I thought I heard the Tori sing, I'll take that thing This is not a romance with the road In those cliffs are the same as in the magazines I have at home And the tall grass reminds me of the same dreams I had at home I thought life was a road and I wanted to begin it I said, my friend and I going on a trip so I could only stop a minute We go to the venting machines, I want to watch these kids with their mother, sipping on their juice boxes and smiling at each other, and maybe that's their dad on the phone, saying, hey mon, you couldn't wait, go ahead, have dinner, 'cause werre running just a little late But we're on our way Road buddy, road buddy, I heard about the boxcars and the family of travelers But there's real estate sides in the cornfields I know there's love, I bet there's trouble But you just can't spend a lifetime on the road And there's something I finally faced I finally think I come from someplace This is not a romance with the road

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