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Versuri In Love But Not At Peace

Love took a long time, it followed me here And it landed on light feet, and it whispered in my ear Love spoke of my past as a valuable test And smiled, and said she who loves last loves best 'Cause you know life is hard, but now you also know your mind, So now you're going out to love, but on your own side this time Where you still think of famine, and you still dig up train fare And you won't mind the wrinkles, 'cause you know how they got there In love but not at peace In love but not at peace. Once for me love was the boat inside of a bottle, It felt like a gondola ride, When you float with the nicknacks, and you don't hear a sound Where the fish never lived, and you don't miss the ground And the moon hangs above like a Valium pill And I say I'll be fine, but I don't think that I will But today I got work, and I like it that way It's a case of a still life gone cinéҀ˜Γ‚a verit In love but not at peace In love but not at peace. And I still need the beauty of words sung and spoken And I live with the fear that my spirit will be broken And that's the way I thought it would be That's the way I always wanted it to be. So I'll keep you wondering what time I'm arriving And you'll drive me crazy with your backseat driving And I'll talk in my sleep and you'll steal all the covers We'll argue it out and we'll call ourselves lovers And I'll stay in my body and you'll stay in your own 'Cause we know that we're born and we're dying alone. So we turn out the light while the sirens are screaming And we kiss for the waking, and then join the dreaming. In love, but not at peace In love, but not at peace.

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