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I'm packed in a box I'm whacked in a case tell me why I don't fit in I'm told what to wear I'm sold what I hear ell me am I so unique? I'm stronger than steel I'm larger than life tell me why I crumble a lot I laugh as I cheat I'm told I am right but I don't feel that's it anymore and all of this time the media says it's fine the media is out of line I read what I know I tell what I read tell me why I act a fool I do what I see I act like I don tell me am I so original? I'm given a look I see that it's sad tell me why I'm depressed I can't wear this shoe it's bigger than me and I'll never fill it like you do I can't be this to them you are what you're called to be just look up to Him and He will tell it I can't be this no more why can't we see? versuri piesa cantece. Asculta muzica melodia cuvinte cuvinte ultima melodie melodiei descarca Beanbag piesa muzica straina versuri Resistor.

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