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I can crawl into your mind, see I can always cut you down to my size, huh? Always have to watch 'cause I'm on the prowl, 24 just to find a bit of space that is vacant inside. You give me credit for my smartness but your mono minds complicate my simplicity. Not Omni-present but I wish I was. I am just a scar if you had been born to the King. I've got a problem: I can't move within your ways You've got a solid that I've never moved away and I desire you to die! I am persistent and I will not give you in. I lusted you from the moment you changed skin. So please, won't you be me? You've got to like me. Even when you're at the top I will still go possess you. When you're in distress I will come concentrate all my energy create a distraction that will form a way, it's a simple equation. Crawl to my side I am here, and I'm waiting For you to dine in my arms Come and make me! You can't deny me! I'll even shine like an angel and everyone will think that I am something beautiful. People will worship the thing that I am just as long as they don't see my hate. i cannot give my soul to you. A perfect friend took it far away from me.

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