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Versuri Regarding Regret

Take a closer look at what may be Your only enemy Has been the way you waste your life away It doesn't have to be this way You can break the circle...this time around Why can't I be the one to ease your pain? And you're so far away And I'm here searching for a better way Constant reminders of our yesterdays Are all that help me look towards better days Leaving was the hardest thing I've ever done So many moments wishing I had never gone Sometimes hanging on is harder than letting go could ever be At least that's how it seems to me And how could you go back again...back to all the pain again? So hard to watch, but I can't turn away It's tearing us apart again Destroying what we've built again And I'm still trying to understand Is this the way things have to be? All I wanted...was to help you through this Never asked for...anything in return Just don't forget me Just don't forget me Just don't forget me 'Cause I'll be waiting here for you

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