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All this time, a written word erased a thousand times. Thinking right can only change it up. The look - hips so sick and tired of trying so hard. Everyday, sidetracked and played up. You want the opposite of me. You want the opposite. We'd unwind, so slick to the sound of simple nothing. Close the blinds, increase the story line. All this way, brushed past many times, but never looking. Spend my chance on words that weren't mine. Can this happen? And would you be there if? Could we happen to end up this way? Things that happen this way, when I'm not awake. For this once can it be? A pinch for making sure. Making sure. The lights go out and the TV's off. I'm sending happy endings.

Album melodia cuvintele muzica melodia. Mp3 cuvintele versuri asculta muzica straina Happy Endings ultima melodie Counterfit versuri album cuvinte.

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