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It's been about a couple of days gone by When I last saw you When you said bye-bye Then you walked away and left me alone All get is a dial tone When I call your phone Occasionally I'll roll about your things I thought about the words that I could say But you ain't trying to feel me You don't even wanna' feel me BRIDGE#1 Oh Is it my turn to cry over you? 'Cos no matter what I do Those rainy days won't leave me alone CHORUS What kind of love leaves you feeling cold All alone with nobody to hold Don't wanna' feel like I did that day Let the Rain wash the pain away Sometimes I think I hear you call my name Sometimes it's just my mind playing games But nothings changed It's still all the same Let the Rain wash the pain away See your picture all up in a magazine With some other cat I've never seen You was looking more beautiful then you've ever been Here come those lonely feelings again I must be tripping on myself 'Cos the fact that you're with somebody else It's getting me down Girl, I can't deny I guess this is what it sounds like When the doves cry BRIDGE#2 Oh Did you choose girl or do it for him? 'Cos no matter what I do Those rainy days won't leave me alone CHORUS [break] CHORUS

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