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EMOTIONAL Oh its still a mystery how she got me high anticipating what she's gonna do cos I can't seem to let it go addicted by her drug aint got no remedy for this contagious kind of love CHORUS didn't mean to get emotional feel like I'm sinking it wasn't meant unintentional I can see what you was thinking got a hole in her soul thats the shape of a man tell me who's your next victim it aint that she hates ya its just her nature baby dont misunderstand I give her what she needs don't ever seem enough aint got no room to breathe feels like a tainted love I need to get away seems as though its been to belong cos when I try she pulls me right back in CHORUS x2 aint nothing left to give just a broken shell just enough to live just enough to tell a tale CHORUS

Descarca melodia melodiei versuri ultima melodie versurile versuri muzica straina cantece. Emotional piesa Abs versurile cuvinte cuvinte.

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