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Radiation Ranch Lyrics You got me jumpin' like a cat strung up on a wire Waiting for the sandman to put me to sleep I got a no show take it slow waiting for the whistle blow No where job on a dead end street You ain't got a minute when the siren sounds Gotta get movin' to the underground But I gotta woman gonna love me through the night Slippin' and slidin' and holding me tight Well here it comes again another Saturday night Pour another drink I hope I make it home allright Oh boy oh boy gotta keep headin' for the state line Makin' time gotta meet a friend of mine My old Ford runs fine I gotta say Got a new set of plugs I wish the rain would go away A hundred U.F.O.'s by the Holiday Inn I should really go to sleep but baby here I go again Well take me the hotel no one's there oh well Whatever happened to news on the radio Every little place in this little town Looks like a bomb just leveled to the ground Drivin' through Jersey headed for D.C. look at all the boarded up factories All the kings men have a summerhouse in France But you and me live on the radiation ranch

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